Gluten Freedom was launched in 2012 by the same talented family of bakers, who have been behind the Venerdi range for well over a decade. The development of Gluten Freedom recipes meant a lot of late nights and 3am mornings as hundreds of recipes were tested and retested.

This new range of products were made to be used as normal bread. Giving you freedom to have everything you want in a sandwich bread. Gluten Freedom is a delicious, reliable sandwich bread with great flavour, soft texture and high fibre.

A year later, in 2013 Gluten Freedom took another step forward with a fun, new look that is what you know today. At this time more improvements to recipes were made and the our pizza bases and burger buns left Venerdi and joined the Gluten Freedom brand on shelf. These products have flourished in their new identity.”

Gluten Freedom is a new standard for gluten free bread and using these recipes as a base we have since evolved new techniques to develop products for your trusted brands -bagels for Abes, buns for Burger Fuel and pitas for Pita Pit.

We believe if it can be done with wheat, then we can do it gluten free. You identify the demand and we’ll try and find the space to make new products.